The Various Ways You Can Use Vintage Magazine Ads – Cars Magazine

Vintage magazine ads – how can you use them? You would be surprised at the various uses for old magazine advertising. They are much more than just old slick paper. The following paragraphs will show you the various things you can do with old back issues of vintage magazine advertising slicks. FYI: “Slicks” is how people in newspaper production describe slick inserts like coupons and department store advertising. Now on to popular and unique ways to utilize old ad prints.Home DecorMatting and/or framing is one popular option for antique ads for home decoration. Old ad art prints like those from the 40s and the 50s are highly popular due to the interest in those eras. Some examples of 40s ads might include movie ads like “Casablanca” with Humphrey Bogart, Lucky Strike cigarettes, WW 2 ads and soda ads like Pespi-Cola. The 1950s prints might include cars like the “Rocket” Oldsmobile, vacuum cleaners like Hoover and makeup like Tru-Glo featuring Marilyn Monroe. Imagine the originals being matted and framed for hanging on the wall. It is a really inexpensive option for interior decorating.Crafting and ArtworkCrafty people love to get creative with these old magazine ads. You will see them used for one-of-a-kind (OOAK) greeting cards, trading cards and gift tags. Scrap booking is a very popular arena where these can be used. Less common uses might include furniture decoupage or wallpaper for a feature wall (they need to be reinforced for this use).Artwork using vintage magazine ads can include such things as canvas printing or screen printing, digital reproductions and collage art. Creative people and artists can find many more uses than these. This is just a few examples of how you might see them used.Office DecorYou will find a lot of health care related ads from the 40s and 50s in old magazine ad prints. Some doctors use them for display, in frames, in their offices. Auto repair shops and vintage car shows present old 1950s advertising art prints as a decorative element. Any business can use these old ads as pieces of nostalgic ephemera related to their business.Gift-GivingIt can be difficult to find unique gifts, especially for people who seem to have everything. Original vintage magazine ads make very unique gifts because they are technically quite rare. Two examples of how you might be able to use them as gifts.*1st anniversary is paper gifts which means this is perfect. You just need to find out what the happy couple collects or what hobbies they have and search.*Grandparents Day is a nice holiday for giving these old vintage magazine ads. Utilize their time period and make a collage or just get an ad or two for framing.Every person is different which means each individual will likely find various ways to use these old ads. It doesn’t take a lot of creativity or imagination to make use of these collectible and decorative ads.