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If you have a muscle car or a classic car you may not realize it but you actually own a piece of history. There are less and less of these cars still on the road and these are in great demand with many buyers. Buyers will buy cars with all types of problems, Many buyers will buy only cars that need restored so that they can do it themselves while others will only buy cars that have been restored. There is no shortage of buyers for old cars.
If you are trying to sell an old classic car there are several great ways for you to find the right buyer that will pay the price for the car that you want for it.
One place to get the car seen by many people is an online auction. eBay is a great place to show your car for sale and get the most viewers for the car. People from all over the country will bid on the vehicle and then have it shipped across the country to them. With selling it this way, you may even get more than you thought of asking for the vehicle. Make sure you write a well detailed description and take many great photos of the vehicle to get the best price. Always set a reserve price so that you don’t lose on the final price.
Craigslist is another place that you can sell online that will bring you great results. While you will not have the amount of potential buyers as you would with eBay, this is free and you will have more exposure for the classic car than if you just put a sign on it and set it along side of a road.
Car Shows are also popular. These are all over the country during the spring and summer months and will continue through the fall months. These will bring sellers and buyers together and many cars have been sold at Auto shows.
You can also place an ad in a Car magazine that is local for your area to get exposure for your vehicle. Some of the car trader magazines will also show your car online at the same time giving you more exposure for your money.
It may take some time to find the right buyer, but soon you will have a new owner for your muscle car or classic car.

Public Car Auction – Where to Find Local Auto Auctions – Cars Magazine

There are many ways to find out about a New Hampshire public car auction. If you are at a loss for this kind of information, then you must no longer worry. This is because sources of news for public auto auction are at hand. With the growing necessity of owning an automobile, it is not a surprise why a lot of people are watching out for vehicle auctions in their respective areas. This is because vehicles are sold here at a lower price, as those compared to brand new ones.Where to FindGovernment and public bulletins and websites in the locality make great sources of auction schedules for all residents of New Hampshire. You can read the special news column for residents like the Granite State News in Belknap, the Berlin Daily Sun in Coos County, and the Hillsborough Villager in Hillsborough County. The government occasionally auctions cars that are no longer used by police departments, including those seized from criminals. Repossessed vehicles from individuals with unpaid debts are also showcased in government auto auctions.Non-government organizations and some community groups like the Salvation Army in New Hampshire also hold an auction activity at times. Therefore, it pays to also check announcements from these groups for an upcoming New Hampshire public car auction once in a while. They usually make their announcements through community media such as the newspapers like the New Hampshire Union Leader of Manchester and the Portsmouth Herald. Likewise, you could ask your local government office for schedules.Another helpful source for auction updates are automobile magazines such as New Hampshire Auto Mart. Since the interest is common, some auctioneers find it best to advertise upcoming auto for sales activity in magazines. It will be a wise move to browse these popular car magazines.Most importantly, do not forget the Internet as a source of information. With the wide use of the Net today, many auctioneers have realized that they could reach as many people when they use the web as a medium to spread news of a New Hampshire public car auction. This is also a convenient option for busy individuals. An excellent example is DirectoryNH, which is an online information center with headquarters located in Penacook, New Hampshire.What to PrepareFirst is money. It is advisable that you decide on how much you are willing to spend for your desired automobile. Be sure you only bid for an amount that you can afford. This is because you will be required to pay for the car if you appear as the highest bidder. In most cases, the auctioneers will accept personal checks and credit cards as payment. However, inquire first before using these modes of payment.You would need to bring your driver’s license. The beauty of New Hampshire auto auctions is that quite a number of them allow test drives. You seldom see that in other U.S. cities or states. But the test drive will take place on the same day as the auction.It is highly recommended that you bring along a trusted mechanic to check on the condition of the vehicles. Remember that not all vehicles in a New Hampshire public car auction are in running condition. Thus, it pays to get the opinion from a mechanic before you bid.

Cheap Magazines Subscription Rates Are Cutting Out the Small Businessperson – Cars Magazine

Even though Magazines are still selling better than newspapers these days, they too are suffering from a decline in numbers. We know that the bigger magazines will be around for a long while to come, but it is very difficult for newer magazines to get off the ground.The print magazines are very expensive to produce factoring in production costs, salary, and very slim profit margin if any at all. The economy is very sluggish and people are just not buying magazines the way that they used to. When they do buy magazines they are looking specifically for cheap magazines subscription rates. Like everything else magazine subscribers must make sure they make the best deal for their hard earned dollars.A major contributing factor for magazine subscriptions going down, is the onset of the Internet, where every thing can be fast and free. Huge media corporations can afford to put an online version of the print magazine on the Internet, but where does it leave the small businessperson who wants to get ahead in this cutthroat world of print magazines?Small time businesspeople have to contend with cheap magazines subscription consideration. However, it is very difficult to produce cheap magazines subscription rates and balance the budget. Several new magazines have tried to do just that and have gone out of business within the first year. Yet, it doesn’t stop there, major magazines are facing the cold cruel reality of a declining industry.According to Economist.com http://www.economist.com/business/displaystory.cfm?story_id=9867938,Time magazine, a giant in the industry has had to debunk rumors that it was being taken over by IPC media, a British concern. Other major magazines, such as Maxim may also face this growing possibility of corporate change over. According to the Economist the mens magazines are hardest hit.Some of the largest magazines branched out on the Internet hoping to attract a wider audience but online sales only bring in a small fraction of the money that print magazines traditionally have done.Even big magazine publishers have resorted to cheap magazines subscription gimmicks, offering their magazines at a fraction of what they used to, just to secure their subscribers.This problem also adds to the growing burden on the small businessperson who has to comply with cheap magazines subscription fallout. With fewer advertisers, and less capital to go around, the magazines put out by the small businessperson will pale in comparison. This leaves the consumer with a cheaper looking magazine at a higher premium. Most consumers just do not buy these magazines; they will no doubt go for their tried and true favorites and perhaps still be able to maintain as many subscriptions as they once did before, now at much cheaper magazines subscription rates.

Auto & Car Restoration – Where to Find & Locate Project Vehicles – Cars Magazine

A most experienced vintage auto restoration expert widely regarded for both his unique skills and high level of workmanship was fond of noting and remarking to potential clients that in most cases it fully took three owners for one potential project car to be finished. Each of these vintage and classic auto enthusiasts was fully dedicated to have “their car” brought to finished and final stage of restoration and completion.Each was sincere in their devotion. Yet each had their pockets drained and had in essence totally underestimated what a restoration project fully entailed in terms of times, work rounds and final costs and demands. On top of that, in most cases the most the first two autos or truck vehicle owners could expect to recoup in terms of their financial costs was the costs of supplies, seldom if ever of labor or their time. exclusive of transport and phone and fax costs. So is the advice of one respected auto and vintage car restoration community bard.After taking that grim assessment and advice to heed if you are indeed serious and feel that you can have the financial as well as moral fortitude to undertake such a project the first question most likely will be – where can I locate and find my project vehicle?First of all is the biggest source of all – the community and vintage auto grapevine – that is word of mouth. Next take into account the media. Of course the old standby of what is now called “dead tree media” in the search engine optimization field a re the old standbys – these are newspapers, car trader magazines, auto buff and muscle car magazines and periodicals and the like. Next in line- let your computer mouse do the walking are the online upcoming replacements for the newspapers and auto magazines – these are Craigslist, eBay, local bulletin boards and the like. Remember as well that there are regional preferences. In your area Craigslist may be king, whereas in others it’s a service named Kijiji. In other areas there may be either local players or smaller players on the ad listing marketplace that have cultivated a local following and respect. You might think that people interested in selling or marketing their automobile for sale would work the waterfront. Yet often people seem to either know of or trust one service and will use that exclusively. Hence work around and look at all services and options. Lastly take the time as well to hunt and work through the vintage auto listings of the largest online service of all – that is the mighty eBay.Lastly when hunting around for your vintage dream car project do not forger the old standbys. These are of course automotive shows, car clubs and car meets. It’s the old story of more people you talk to – you never know which or what vintage or classic car, and in what shape can fall into your lap.