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If you are trying to find a good car club and you cannot find one it may not be an easy task at all. Finding a good collector car club may be harder then finding anything else that you may need to find. There are probably tons of collector car clubs in your area you just need to get online or get your nose in the newspapers to find out what is going on.The first thing that you can do is go to an auto parts store and see if there is anyone there with a collectible car. If there is then you can ask them if they are in any car clubs and if they say yes then there you go you are in. that’s all you need to do is talk to people and then you will find out info that you didn’t even know was around. All you do is just go find a bunch of collectible cars and then start talking to the guys if you drive a collectible car.Another good place to find a good organization is to go to car shows. There are usually a bunch of people there with collectible cars that would love to talk to you about your car and if you wanted in on the car club. If you cannot find anyone to talk to at a car show then you just need to go online or in a chat room forum and talk to some people and try to meet some people around your area that are in car clubs.If you do not want to leave your house to find a good club then you can either make some phone calls or get on the internet and start looking up some on Google. If you cannot find any car shows on the internet then you just need to go on a car club website and email some of the people asking where they are located and if they know of any collector’s car clubs around. There are many around you just have to find them.If you ever seen those car magazines that is another good way to find yourself a good club if you are still looking for one. You just go buy a few antique car magazines and there should be numbers of the sellers of the cars in there all you need to do is pick up the phone and call someone about the same car that you have and start talking to them about it and then ask them about the car clubs.Even though finding a good organization can be hard it will be worth all the work once you have found what you are looking for. You will be able to talk to people about all the same things and not have to repeat yourself. It will be worth all the work that you had to go through.

Seized Car Auctions Are Great For Your Wallet – Cars Magazine

Leafing through car magazines is a hobby of a lot of guys. Then you stop, take a deep breath, because there is that darned dream car yet again. You earmark it and swear to yourself that someday you will have that car. It’s irritating that the guys who don’t deserve the car are the ones who get it. The ones who you know cannot possibly afford them.You then bump into a friend and he sees the earmarked page and tells you some great news. He knows where you can buy that exact same car at a great and affordable price. Government auctions abound and have been going on for years.There are actually people who use these auctions as their source of steady income. What they do is they buy the great cars at a discount and then sell them. They are engaged in a buy and sell business. You ask your friend about the upkeep of the cars though and say that it sounds doubtful to you. He says that these cars are in great condition since they are luxury vehicles that no one would dare let go to ruins.Where do these cars come from? It seems fishy that these great cars are actually that easily available. It appears that these cars were taken from people who were caught red handed. Once they were arrested, their cars were also taken from them. People caught in these situations are usually the ones who are in the prohibited drugs business or those who run away from their financial obligations. Based on this, you can be sure that the cars seized are not your ordinary variety but the flashy, jaw dropping kind.There are a great number of these vehicles that are auctioned every year. These auctions are the ones to go to when you’d like to buy your first car or if you would like to start your own menagerie of cars. This is definitely something that is easily within your reach and within your budget.Buying a car in these auctions is so easy. No one will bother you with never ending details about the car and why you should put down money on them. You can just go along and take your time in looking at the cars and perusing through their parts. When you’ve made your choice, you can go ahead and bid on them.It is a known fact that in order to get what you dream of you have to work for it, getting your dream car is no different. However, this tedious process can be reduced if you follow the basic steps or procedures mentioned, and taking advantage of seized car auctions would bring you nearer to your dream car.You can even bring your personal mechanic to accompany you in perusing through the parts of the cars. He can help by giving you tips on what’s good and what’s not. After you make your bid, your earmarked magazine page now has the chance to come to life.

Federal Car Auctions – A Smart Way to Buy Your Salvaged Car – Cars Magazine

Federal car auctions are the affordable ways of buying salvaged cars. You can find many excellent condition cars at unbelievably very low prices. You can find the schedules and places for these auctions in the newspapers, magazines, and on websites run by the police and government bodies. Then you can go to these auctions and do some inspections on some potential cars that you like. There’s nothing to lose in attending these auctions. You might find your dream car in an excellent condition there. And it may change your mind later.There are several sources of vehicles available at a federal auto auction. The main source is from cars that were salvaged due to tax evasion. Others are the cars that have been confiscated on being involved in criminal activities and repossessed cars because the previous owners failed to meet payment obligation to the banks/leasing companies. Then all of these cars are placed by government and banks/leasing companies in the federal car auctions so they can get back some portion of cars value to minimize their loss. But you should not make those various reasons as your constraint to buy from the auctions. All of those cars are guaranteed to be in legal status by the time they are auctioned.Actually, it’s not only cars that are available in these auctions. You can also find vans, trucks and even motorcycles. Since the prices are very low, you will have to compete with many people including some used car dealers. But you still can have a better chance to win if you know much information about these auctions. The detailed information can be found on internet. But you must be careful in choosing the right source for your information.These auctions require registration and fees for bid participation. Upon finishing the registration, you will be allowed to do some on-site inspections on the displayed cars. You must use this chance as much as possible as it will help you making good decision before buying your chosen car.Last, these auctions are not really for everyone. You must have a valid driving license and you must be older than 18 years old by the time the auctions take place. Anyway the game rules are similar to any other conventional auctions. You will win if you are the highest bidder. Then you must make your payment right after the auction ends. So, make sure that you have your money prepared. However you can pay them in several means of payments like cash, checks, credit cards, etc. Interested? You should be. It’s time to act now.

The Various Ways You Can Use Vintage Magazine Ads – Cars Magazine

Vintage magazine ads – how can you use them? You would be surprised at the various uses for old magazine advertising. They are much more than just old slick paper. The following paragraphs will show you the various things you can do with old back issues of vintage magazine advertising slicks. FYI: “Slicks” is how people in newspaper production describe slick inserts like coupons and department store advertising. Now on to popular and unique ways to utilize old ad prints.Home DecorMatting and/or framing is one popular option for antique ads for home decoration. Old ad art prints like those from the 40s and the 50s are highly popular due to the interest in those eras. Some examples of 40s ads might include movie ads like “Casablanca” with Humphrey Bogart, Lucky Strike cigarettes, WW 2 ads and soda ads like Pespi-Cola. The 1950s prints might include cars like the “Rocket” Oldsmobile, vacuum cleaners like Hoover and makeup like Tru-Glo featuring Marilyn Monroe. Imagine the originals being matted and framed for hanging on the wall. It is a really inexpensive option for interior decorating.Crafting and ArtworkCrafty people love to get creative with these old magazine ads. You will see them used for one-of-a-kind (OOAK) greeting cards, trading cards and gift tags. Scrap booking is a very popular arena where these can be used. Less common uses might include furniture decoupage or wallpaper for a feature wall (they need to be reinforced for this use).Artwork using vintage magazine ads can include such things as canvas printing or screen printing, digital reproductions and collage art. Creative people and artists can find many more uses than these. This is just a few examples of how you might see them used.Office DecorYou will find a lot of health care related ads from the 40s and 50s in old magazine ad prints. Some doctors use them for display, in frames, in their offices. Auto repair shops and vintage car shows present old 1950s advertising art prints as a decorative element. Any business can use these old ads as pieces of nostalgic ephemera related to their business.Gift-GivingIt can be difficult to find unique gifts, especially for people who seem to have everything. Original vintage magazine ads make very unique gifts because they are technically quite rare. Two examples of how you might be able to use them as gifts.*1st anniversary is paper gifts which means this is perfect. You just need to find out what the happy couple collects or what hobbies they have and search.*Grandparents Day is a nice holiday for giving these old vintage magazine ads. Utilize their time period and make a collage or just get an ad or two for framing.Every person is different which means each individual will likely find various ways to use these old ads. It doesn’t take a lot of creativity or imagination to make use of these collectible and decorative ads.